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Armed Forces Chamber Community Development Corporation, a 501(c)(3) public charity and non government organization headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada, is passionately committed to nationwide community development for veterans, servicemembers, and their families. Through impactful programs such as resource distribution, they aim to foster resilience and well-being. With satellite offices in major cities, Armed Forces Chamber Community Development Corporation ensures widespread accessibility to its comprehensive support networks, actively shaping positive and enduring impacts on the lives of those who've selflessly served. Their mission reflects a dedication to building thriving communities and addressing the unique needs of military families across the United States.

Armed Forces Chamber Community Development Corporation extends its impactful programs nationwide, spanning community and economic development, diversity and inclusion, environmental sustainability, health and human services, hunger relief, and education.

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The Armed Forces Chamber Community Development Corporation (AFCCDC) plays a pivotal role in supporting veterans, service members, their families, and the broader community through its distribution programs. These programs encompass a diverse array of essentials and amenities, ranging from clothing to electronics, food, and toys. Emphasizing inclusivity and compassion, the AFCCDC accepts both new and gently used clothing donations, ensuring that individuals have access to quality attire regardless of their circumstances. Similarly, the provision of new and refurbished electronics underscores the commitment to enhancing the lives of beneficiaries through modern technology. Crucially, the distribution of donated food addresses immediate needs, alleviating food insecurity among those served. Furthermore, the initiative to distribute unwrapped toys during the holiday season fosters joy and solidarity within the community, embodying the spirit of generosity and camaraderie year-round. Through these comprehensive programs, the AFCCDC exemplifies its dedication to uplifting and empowering individuals across diverse backgrounds.



The Armed Forces Chamber Community Development Corporation organizes educational fairs tailored to students from veteran and service member families, offering a comprehensive array of resources and opportunities. These fairs serve as invaluable platforms, featuring vendors representing colleges, fire departments, government agencies, high schools, military recruiters, police departments, preparatory schools, trade schools, universities, and more. Beyond information dissemination, these events go the extra mile by providing essential support to students in need, offering free school supplies, fillers, haircuts, and shoes. By facilitating access to educational pathways and essential resources, the Armed Forces Chamber Community Development Corporation not only empowers students but also fosters a sense of community and support within the veteran and service member families, ensuring that every child has the opportunity to thrive academically and beyond.

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School Kids
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The Armed Forces Chamber Community Development Corporation stands as a beacon of health and wellness advocacy through its impactful initiative of hosting health fairs. These fairs serve as dynamic platforms, offering an array of free health screenings, demonstrations, and vital information to the community. With a diverse lineup of vendors representing esteemed hospitals, reputable medical colleges, schools, pharmacies, urgent care centers, and beyond, these events transcend conventional health expos. Embracing a holistic approach, they cater to the multifaceted dimensions of well-being, addressing natural remedies, mental health, and physical fitness alike. These health fairs not only empower individuals with knowledge but also foster a sense of community engagement and proactive healthcare management. Through their unwavering commitment to public welfare, the Armed Forces Chamber Community Development Corporation sets a commendable standard for promoting comprehensive wellness initiatives within their community.



The Armed Forces Chamber Community Development Corporation exemplifies its commitment to serving veterans and their families through its comprehensive estate planning program. By providing essential documentation for do not resuscitate, financial power of attorney, medical power of attorney, wills and trusts, plus notarization services the Armed Forces Chamber Community Development Corporation ensures that veterans' wishes are legally recognized and upheld. Additionally, the organization assists in providing information about recording and registering these vital documents, streamlining the administrative process for beneficiaries. Moreover, the Armed Forces Chamber Community Development Corporation extends support by offering information about burial allowances and reimbursements, easing the financial burden during difficult times. For veterans opting for burial at Nevada Veterans Memorial Cemeteries, the Armed Forces Chamber Community Development Corporation provides information about organizations who help facilitates the necessary arrangements, honoring their service with dignity. Funeral honors are also arranged, acknowledging the sacrifices made by veterans, while headstones, markers, and medallions serve as lasting tributes to their legacy. Through its estate planning program, the Armed Forces Chamber Community Development Corporation honors veterans' service and ensures their peace of mind in the twilight of their lives.

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