Sam's Club #4983 supports Holiday Toy Giveaway

The Armed Forces Chamber is proud to announce that Sam's Club (#4983) provided direct financial contributions and in-kind donations to the 3rd Annual Armed Forces Chamber Holiday Toy Giveaway. As a result more than 100 kids of local Armed Forces members received bikes, shoes, socks, trees and toys valued at $5K. The 3rd Annual Armed Forces Chamber Toy Giveaway was held at GlowZone Las Vegas.

"Sam's Club (#4983) went above and beyond the call of duty to support children of armed forces members and the Southwest community," commented Andre' Haynes, Founder and CEO of the Armed Forces Chamber. "Without their contributions and in-kind donation plus the volunteer efforts of Vanessa Delgadillo, this giveaway would not have been as successful."

In 2020, with the support of Sam's Club (#4983), the Armed Forces Chamber hopes to give bikes, shoes, socks, trees and toys to 200 kids of local Armed Forces members, which is double the amount of kids who benefited in 2019. Also, with the support of Sam's Club (#4983), the Armed Forces Chamber hopes to give bikes, shoes, socks, trees and toys valued at $2K, which is double the value of items given in 2019.

About Sams' Club:

We complement and extend the impact of Walmart’s social and environmental initiatives through philanthropic efforts. Through both in-kind and cash gifts, Walmart, the Walmart Foundation and Sam’s Club give over $1 billion annually to projects that create opportunity, enhance sustainability and strengthen community.

Community giving is something we are very proud of at Sam’s Club. We believe we make the greatest difference by supporting causes that are important to our members and associates. We are so proud to offer local nonprofit organizations funds through our Community Grant Program. These grants are available year-round and range from $250 to $2,500. Eligible nonprofit organizations must operate on the local level (or be an affiliate/chapter of a larger organization that operates locally) and directly benefit the service area of the facility from which they are requesting funding.

Our associates are also passionate about giving back through volunteerism. Our Volunteerism Always Pays or VAP program allows each of us to make a positive impact in the communities we serve, both through time and money. Through Volunteerism Always Pays, eligible organizations can also receive a monetary donation-based on the time our associates spend volunteering, to further support these organizations and their missions.

Our commitment to giving also includes a desire to drive sustainability that positively impacts everyday individuals, and our planet. We have donated 64 million meals, and helped recycle over 496,000 tons of material that include cardboard, plastic, aluminum and food waste.

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