Nevada update on COVID-19 (March 17, 2020)

Governor Steve Sisolak gave a public address about COVID-19 and shutdown measures that would be implemented to protect the lives of Nevadans. Sisolak elaborated on closures which could be extended beyond the one-month mark. Such closures would be evaluated at the end of the shutdown period.

All gaming machines inside casinos will be shut down by midnight. The businesses that will be allowed to stay open includes grocery stores, gas stations, medical offices and similar services, Sisolak said. Restaurants that can provide delivery, drive-through, pick-up or curbside service will also be allowed to stay open, but no sit-down dining will be allowed. - Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak

I feel very fortunate because Nevada is home to 400,000+ Armed Forces members including active-duty, guard/reserve and veterans. Who better to show us through example how to successfully and confidently face the hardships imposed on us by the corona virus then Armed Forces members? Several veterans have shared with me their experiences about facing similar diseases and biological weapons while being deployed in other countries and how they met the challenge, conquered their fears and ultimately triumphed. I implore all advocates/civilians/non-veterans to connect with a veteran and ask them for advice of how to mentally and emotionally prepare yourself and families to face this challenge that we can and will get through together. Please heed to advice and instructions of our capable Governor, health officials and others who are on the front lines and relaying the best information possible to us. Pray, meditate, think positively, have hopeful expectations, be diligent and together we will come out on top. - Armed Forces Chamber Commander, Andre' Haynes

During and after the Governor's speech, concerned Nevadans, business owners, employees and clergy contacted the Armed Forces Chamber with questions. The Armed Forces Chamber's Commander, Andre' Haynes, is working with health professionals and others to answer such questions and provide answers publicly very soon. Stay tuned for updates. In the meantime questions and concerns can be shared in this blog and will be publicly viewable.


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