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The Armed Forces Chamber has expanded its outreach by launching a dynamic radio talk show, aptly named "Armed Forces Chamber Live," with hosts Andre' Haynes and Patsy Brown, JD. This engaging program delves into a myriad of topics including business, community affairs, entertainment, and beyond, catering to a diverse audience. With their unique blend of expertise and insight, Andre' and Patsy navigate through pressing issues, spotlighting the accomplishments and challenges faced by armed forces members and the broader community. Through compelling interviews, thought-provoking discussions, and expert analysis, the show serves as a platform for fostering dialogue, sharing resources, and celebrating the vibrant tapestry of experiences within the armed forces and surrounding communities. Tune in to "Armed Forces Chamber Live" for an enriching and informative experience that resonates with audiences across the airwaves.


Tune in every first Sunday of the month from 9 to 9:30 AM PST on Public Radio KUNV 91.5 FM. With a broad audience reach of approximately 124,000 weekly listeners and thousands more listening on, following social media sites and streaming on all major podcast platforms.



Click on a title below to listen to an episode.

  • 1-Super Bowl 58 starring NV LG Stavros Anthony

  • 2-Air Force Wounded Warrior starring Walt Myhre

  • 3-

  • 4-Foster Care Month starring Hunter Cain

  • 5-Primary Election starring Mesquite Mayor Al Litman


Click on a title below to listen to the Public Service Announcement.

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