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Welcome to the Armed Forces Chamber®! At the Armed Forces Chamber, we are a driven organization that plays a significant role when it comes to Armed Forces members starting, expanding and sustaining businesses in our community. Some of what the Armed Forces Chamber provides includes advocacy, education, training, public relations and government affairs. We also invest in the community through our involvement and charity. ​


Armed Forces Chamber the “Business Voice for Armed Forces members” in Southern Nevada is a member trade Association that has served Armed Forces members since 2017. The Armed Forces Chamber represents Armed Forces members active in all categories of business throughout Southern Nevada. As America's first Chamber with military inspired operations and Nevada's first Chamber formed to serve Armed Forces Members, the Armed Forces Chamber has become the leader in the advocacy, education, training and support of Armed Forces members who are business owners. The Armed Forces Chamber is the largest Southern Nevada business association formed to serve Armed Forces members. ​


In addition, we continue to be a source for consumers who are seeking to learn more about our outreach efforts as well as a source to find businesses owned by Armed Forces members. The Armed Forces Chamber welcomes you whether you are an Armed Forces member, spouse, First Responder or advocate seeking information or a consumer interested in more information. You are in the right place!

The mission of the Armed Forces Chamber is to help Armed Forces members serve, lead, and succeed in business. 

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Armed Forces Chamber of Commerce, Inc. is a 501(c)(6) organization. 

Armed Forces Chamber Community Development Corporation is a 501(c)(3) public charity.